ESG Risks

ESG risk management evaluates the impact of climate change on business operations and encourages the implementation of a Climate Transition Plan to transform the business model to include mitigation and adaptation procedures to reduce risks.

Assessing risks in the short-, medium-, and long-term encourages confidence from asset owners, and stakeholders in their capital allocation and evaluates the sustainability of a business to remain profitable by remaining resilient through extreme climate-related events.

What we Offer

EcoSolver works with your organization to collect, measure, evaluate and analyze data on how operations can remain undisrupted by climate-related events and posing a risk to asset managers. A Climate Transition Plan can be generated upon performing an internal assessment on the organization’s operational model to ensure resilience to climate events.

We can use Climate Scenario Analysis tools to accurately forecast how a business will perform in the short-, medium- and long-term under various climate variables which may alter existing operations. As a result, clients can be better prepared to reduce risk exposures as assessments are competing against scientifically accurate benchmarks.

As the federal government has released mandates for climate disclosure for financial institutions, EcoSolver will apply its talent in ESG reporting to be considerate of the regulations, so clients meet requirements for compliance. Disclosure reporting will outline the company’s performance and measures taken for climate risk management to protect assets and remain financially viable.

Project Examples

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