ESG Strategy and Implementation

We work with the organization to develop and deliver an ESG Strategy that sets the organization on the path to not only address ESG risks and requirements, but also be more sustainable and profitable.

Our approach caters to the internal capabilities and existing assets of the organization and reflects the reality of your business and regulatory environment in strategy design and implementation.

What we Offer

Our ESG Strategy service starts with analyzing the impacts of ESG policies and regulations in the organization’s current and future business and evaluating internal capabilities and achievements towards ESG impact. The next step is developing an ESG vision and a comprehensive strategy to align and mobilize the organization to capture optimal value in the short and long term. Following ESG strategy design, key initiatives in implementing the strategy are identified and practical implementation and communication plans are developed. The final step to close the loop on ESG strategy is deploying a governance system to manage the implementation and effectiveness of the strategy.

This includes:

Project Examples

Our ESG Strategy Partnership Model

Developing and implementing an impactful ESG strategy is an ongoing process and a team effort. There are as many paths to success as the number of organizations embarking on this journey. We know the breadth and variety of needs along this process and we offer support in every step of the way as outlined above. We also know that many organizations do not have a clear understanding of their immediate and long-term needs, how they should prioritize them, and how the limited resources of the organization should be allotted to different priorities and projects. Furthermore, we have talked to many organizations that need a long term partner to help them figure out their ESG journey rather than a pre-defined project with definitive timelines and deliverables. For these very reasons, we have developed our ESG Strategy Partnership Model.

In this model, we define an adjustable long-term partnership (typically 3 years) with the organization based on their readiness and requirements. Our strategy leaders and experts are assigned to the partner organization with effective dedication to deliver results, but also with sufficient flexibility for the organization to adjust and evolve its investment and efforts along the way. We bring our expertise and experience and the organization brings their internal knowledge and commitment to work together and co-develop a roadmap for ESG impact. Throughout this journey, EcoSolver not only helps develop and implement the strategy and delivers tangible results, but also transfers knowledge and trains the ESG team of the organization so they can master this evolving journey in near future. Reach out to us to discuss how we can craft a partnership that works for your organization.

Let’s have a conversation about your priorities and devise a solution that works for you.

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