ESG Services for Investors

What we Offer

We offer capabilities and services to help the investment community to materialize on Sustainable Investing and balance their short term and long term returns. In alignment with the challenges faced by ESG-conscious investors, our services include the following offerings:

Project Examples

Spotlight: ESG Reporting Benchmarking

ESG disclosures and reporting is one of the key elements of responsible investing decisions and many investors are looking for established reporting practices aligned with both generic and sector-specific standards and frameworks. EcoSolver offers a benchmarking service to explore and analyze best practices in ESG Reporting and supports organizations through the process of identifying success stories, analyzing their relevance and applicability to the target organization and customizing those practices for the specific needs and priorities of the organization.

In a typical ESG Reporting Benchmarking engagement, ESG and Sustainability reports, ESG webpages, company updates and newsletters, and interviews and viewpoints from a wide variety of players within the sector will be studied and analyzed. This will cover different geographies and jurisdictions, various categories of organizations within the sector, and different levels of ESG implementation and reporting. The topics covered for the best practices research may include:

Spotlight: Market Intelligence System

Market intelligence systems provide the client with detailed insights into the industry, market opportunities, and competition. This enables the organization to make effective strategic and operational decisions based on near-live data. EcoSolver’s tailor-made market intelligence system is a comprehensive data and analytics platform that provides the organization with the competitive advantage of having a bird’s-eye view over the market and proactively monitoring market dynamics and opportunities.

Our market intelligence system includes the following components that can be implemented based on the organization’s needs and priorities:

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