Strategy & Planning

No matter where you are on your journey in becoming a sustainability leader—

whether you have not even considered starting, or you have begun but need to take it to the next level—we are here to get you there and help you reap the multifaceted benefits of the transformation. We have a comprehensive and cyclical approach to building a sustainability strategy.

We work hand-in-hand with your teams to:

Assess your sustainability readiness and maturity

Devise a sustainability strategy that is unique to your business 

Set objectives, targets, and measures

Develop initiatives and implementation plans

Craft employee and stakeholder communication and engagement plans

Deploy governance and reporting models

We partner with organizations in evaluating, planning, technology sourcing and implementation of key sustainability initiatives, including but not limited to:



Reducing GHG emissions

Hydrogen & Energy transition

Electrification & EVs

Renewable Energy

Water Conservation and Management

Pollution and Waste management


Safety & Wellbeing

Inclusion and diversity

Ethic and compliances

Community relation & investment

Employee satisfaction & Engagement

Education & Training


Circular economy

Business resilience

Supply chain sustainability

Downstream sustainability

Let's partner up for a sustainable future

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A resilient and impactful sustainability strategy must begin with a comprehensive assessment of your organization. This will gauge your readiness to make the transition to a more sustainable business model. The Assessment helps you understand where to start and what to focus on to get the most out of your sustainability efforts.
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Implementation & Involvement

Implementation & Involvement

Delivering on sustainability strategy relies on the engagement of all the stakeholders. At EcoSolver, we provide expertise, resources and training to educate, onboard and engage stakeholders and provide what is required to communicate your plans to various audiences and deliver the change.
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Sustainability reporting is a regulatory requirement and an important stakeholders expectation. We identify, design and develop comprehensive sustainability reports that communicate your sustainability vision and showcase your activities and achievements to create brand awareness and stakeholder engagement.
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