Sustainability is the ability to meet our needs without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs, ensuring a balance between:
Economic growth, Environmental care & Social welfare.

Climate change


Water efficiency

Energy efficiency

Carbon intensity

Human rights

Diversity & inclusion

Impact on local communities

Working conditions

Employee benefits

Business ethics


Board independence

Executive compensation

Shareholder democracy

Sustainability is a must-have; not a nice-to-have

Why does it matter? Why now?

  • Increasing pressures from governments, regulators, and consumers (growing ESG risks in different aspects)
  • Growing concerns about climate change (record temperatures, wildfires, deadly floods)
  • Increasing demand for social justice and equality (black lives matter, refugee support movements)

What are the benefits?

  • Financial gains: cost reduction & savings, tax credits & incentives, attracting investors
  • Marketing advantage: two-thirds of North Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products
  • Talent acquisition: 50% of millennials would consider quitting their role to join a more sustainable company

Our Services



A resilient and impactful sustainability strategy must begin with a comprehensive assessment of your organization. This will gauge your readiness to make the transition to a more sustainable business model. The Assessment helps you understand where to start and what to focus on to get the most out of your sustainability efforts.
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Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

No matter where you are on your journey to become a sustainability leader, we are here to work with you in developing an impactful strategy and implementation plan and reaping the benefits of the transformation.
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Implementation & Involvement

Implementation & Involvement

Delivering on sustainability strategy relies on the engagement of all the stakeholders. At EcoSolver, we provide expertise, resources and training to educate, onboard and engage stakeholders and provide what is required to communicate your plans to various audiences and deliver the change.
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Sustainability reporting is a regulatory requirement and an important stakeholders expectation. We identify, design and develop comprehensive sustainability reports that communicate your sustainability vision and showcase your activities and achievements to create brand awareness and stakeholder engagement.
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